My services for your projects:

Aluminium, Steel, Timber
I am preparing all structural analytics of aluminium-, steel- or timber-construction according European standards and current technical approvals.
Complex systems and geometries I am preparing a FEA-model.

Glass calculations are made according DIN 18008, EN 16612 and current technical approvals. All geometries and glass build up are possible, even curved glass. I could check every support from a four sided fixed glazing to point fixed glazing.
For all general coatings I could do a thermal stress analysis according DTU39 at every location to avoid thermal cracks in the glazing.

Building physics

U-value calculation and condensation check for your curtain wall according current standards ISO 10077 and ISO 13788.

Development and Consulting

I could help you at the development of facade profiles and provide you the test method statement sequence B according CWCT for testing your new system and getting an approval. Of course I would do a monitoring on site of the test sequence.